Nikirush Mining Group Limited

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International Trading



Group's International Trading Division is a full-service international commodities exporter and importer. We provide clients with consistent and reliable logistics service distribution at the best value.

We specialize in making life simple for importers and distributors. Because of our size and global sourcing abilities, we set ourselves apart from the competition. Our clients benefit from economies of scale and operational efficiencies because we eliminate the guesswork usually associated with product sourcing, financing, logistics, importation, and storage.


Nikirush Mining Group Limited has achieved leading market positions in a number of key commodity product categories including gold, silver, diamond, copper, cobalt, iron ore, oil, gas, timber, earth rare metals, tin, zinc, tantilite, and timber, food-corn, rice, soybean, wheat and cocoa. Our market leadership position and diverse product offerings, combined with our reputation for quality, consistency and service, have established us as a key supplier to distributors and wholesalers.

Petroleum Products

The GDF Petroleum division offers a wide-variety of petroleum products. We have OPEC and OFF OPEC allocation of bonny lite crude oil. We also export LPFO, D2,LPG,Jet Fuel,Gasolin,JP54.