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Our team is perfectly situated to quickly and efficiently deliver results to every sort of exploration project. Equipped with a highly mobile and flexible in-house drilling capability, in-house geophysics and a motivated experienced team of geologists we have the ability to evaluate exploration opportunities and develop mineral resources throughout West Africa. NMGL is seen by regional exploration companies as a strong partner for reconnaissance exploration and has opened up potential JV opportunities.
Expert Geological Team

NMGL’s seasoned team of expatriate and geologists brings together a wealth of experience in both the Birimian Greenstone and Archaean Belts of Africa.

RAB & Auger Drilling
NMGL has invested in its own drilling capability in order to achieve fast, efficient, low cost first-pass exploration data. The drilling team is capable of deploying rapidly to site where they are accommodated in their own mobile field camps and capable of gathering field data from below regolith, the resulting samples are transported swiftly to accredited laboratories in Africa, where our strategic relationships ensure optimal service. The drill rig which is mounted on an all-terrain vehicle is capable of both RAB and Auger drilling and can drill down to depths greater than 100 metres in favourable ground conditions. Its rugged design and 4x4 functionality makes it highly mobile and will enable it to access rough terrain and road conditions conventional truck mounted drill rigs cannot operate in. This should enable the Company to operate during periods of seasonal rain thereby extending the length of the effective annual drilling season.

Ground Geophysics
Utilising in house ground geophysics equipment, our geologists are capable of providing detailed structural interpretation to define target areas for further exploration work. Processing of data is conducted in the field and at our Bamako operations base, delivering rapid results. If required further expert analysis and interpretation is outsourced when necessary ensuring that maximum information can be gathered from field operations.


Logistics Support
NMGL’s field teams are highly mobile and capable of rapid deployment thanks to a well developed logistics support structure based out of our  operations office. Within easy reach of the highly prospective gold belts, NMGL is able to support exploration projects in Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Namibia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Zambia